BSNL VPN over Broadband Services

BSNL is offering VPN over (DSL) Broadband service to Corporate and Government organizations. The service is independent of Internet domain and will be in addition to the Broadband service already being offered. Thus, VPN over Broadband would be offered as an additional service riding over DSL. As the services will be offered only to business customers, it will be restricted to those who have subscribed to the Business Plans as per the tariff given below:
1. VPN on Broadband (VPNoBB) will be offered to only customers opting for Business Plan
2. There will be two Plans - VPNoBB 256 and VPNoBB 512.
Advantages of BSNL Broadband over VPN:
Provide a diversified range of services (Layer 2, Layer 3 and Dial up VPNs) to meet the requirements of the entire spectrum of customers from Small and Medium to Large business enterprises and financial institutions.
1. Make the service very scalable and flexible to facilitate large-scale deployment.
2. Provide a reliable and amenable service, offering SLA to customers
3. Capable of meeting a wide range of customer requirements, including security, quality of Service (QOS) and any-to-any connectivity.
4. Capable of offering fully managed services to customers.
5. Allow BSNL to introduce additional services such as bandwidth on demand etc over the same network.
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