Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Lock BSNL Land Line Phones Local, STD, ISD Facility

BSNL Land line Phones provide Dynamic Locking facilty which is FREE of Cost. You can put lock on Land line phone and unlock easily whenever required to avoid unwanted charges in your office or Home.
1. For first time you are required to set password for your Phone.
2. Set Password to register service
Dial -> 123 - - ---> Now you should hear a long beep for affirmation.
For Example: 12399889988 Where 9988 is your password.
3. Now you can lock STD, Local facility on your phone by :
Dial --> 124 --> Your Password (which you just set) --> 4 (Dialing 4 will block all out going calls including local)
For Example: 12499884 to Lock Phone where 9988 is your password.
4. To Block STD and ISD outgoing calls while Local calls remains continue
124 ---> Password -- > 1 (it will block std and ISD calls)
For Example: 12499881
5. To UnBlock all Calls
124 ---> Password -- > 3 ( It will unblock all calls)
For Example: 12499883


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