Change BSNL Broadband Plan Online from selfcare website

BSNL Brings new SAP Based CDR System and new Selfcare Customer care website for BSNL Landline Subscriber wher they can Change BSNL Broadband Plan Online instantly without moving to BSNL Customer care counter.
How to Change BSNL Broadband plan Online:
1. It require that your District must be on CDR Based System, on Oct 2010 around 80% of Indian District are using CDR System which is having per second billing.
2. Note Customer accoung Id from your recent bill.
3. Login to BSNL Selfcare website using customer account no mentioned on your CDR System's New bill
For South zone
4. Check your current plan on Broadband section of your website.
5. Change your plan.
6. Wait for service order to be completed, In ideal case it will take 1 Min maximum to change plan from NIB Bangalore which is Automatic process.

7. After 15 Min check your current plan, now new plan is added while old plan is deleted.
8. Enjoy now changed plan which will be applicable from the date of plan change.
For Example:
You are using HOME 250 Plan for October plan and on 20th October you changed to Unlimited 499 Plan then your bill be
Rs 160 Rs bill for first 20 days as per Plan HOME 250
Rs 166 Rs bill for last 10 days as per Plan UL 499
So total bill for Broadband will be around 330 Rs. for October Month.

* Please check on Customer care that your BSNL District is running on CDR System