Tata Photon Vs 3G Data Card

Tata Photon Plus, CDMA based data card from Tata Teleservices is now days everywhere whether it is TV, Radio or other Media source to make a presence in Wireless Internet Space under its brand re-positioning exercise. The new brand campaign is titled as Get Speed, Get Time.
Tata Photon Vs 3G Data Card
1. Speed: Tata photon's speed largly vary sometime you get speed but sometime, you can't even open a page. So 3G Card from Airtel or BSNL is best option.
2. Price: Price is now same for Photon and 3G data card as each day they are slashing price, one of example is BSNL 3G card which is available at lower price that it.
3. Technology: Tata Photon is based on CDMA technology while all other 3G data card are based on GSM based 3G.
4. Coverage: Tata photon is having good coverage as most of 3G Services are in its initial phase, which require time to expand network.
5. Customer care: Good now days from all operators.
6. Tariffs: Tata Photon is having unlimited plan at reasonable price that is best thing for user.
So 3G data card with wide coverage is the clear winner.